Teasing his Mother

My bubbly ten months old nephew loves to tease his mother.  He is a smart kid I can tell because he can initiate the little things that his mother taught him because he listens attentively.  Just this week, he was showing some of his attitude.  And what is that?  It is an attitude of teasing his mother.  He is not listening to what his mother taught us and sometimes not initiation the tricks that his mother taught him.  It is so funny because when his mother forced him to do, he will spank his mother.  And when his mother is not looking he is initiating the tricks.  Isn’t not a good little teaser?lol

It is so funny to look at when my nephew teases his mother.  He is only ten months old but looks and acts like one year old.  His being a teaser brings smile to our faces and I love it so much.  This week, we are teaching him how to walk and I hope he will cooperate because the last time we teach him (two days ago), he keeps on jumping and then sits down.  The family is so excited to see his first step that is why we are more focus on teaching how to stand alone and walk.  Long way to go that is why we extended our patience and will cheer him up for every development he shows each day.

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  1. pagka na lang jud ni akoa inaanak oi… nag sugod na jud

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