Simple Dinner at Home

It’s Valentines Day and as usual my date is with my family.  Been doing it ever since I am aware of this special occasion that many are celebrating.  And since my date is my family, I decided to cook the family’s all time favorite Pansit and bought roasted chicken for our dinner.  It would be best to just stay at home and cook for them rather than to go outside because going out is a bit expensive.  It is not wise to spend much at this time because life is really hard.  As much as possible I wanted to save some for the rainy days.

My simple dinner at home is my surprise Valentines Day treat for them.  I got too busy looking after the kids, doing household chores and went to the market to buy something for dinner.  One thing that  is missing to complete the celebration is the cake.  I was not able to find time to go to the mall to buy one.  This is the result of wanting to make it a surprise.  I do not want them to know my plans.  If ever I told my sister, she would buy one for me.  Well, at least the viands that will be served on the table is ready and we will be shared those at dinner.  Simple but sumptuous foods on our table.


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