Loves to eat gulaman


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When the sister and I attended a birthday party few years ago, we saw different colors of gulaman on the table.  Believe it or not that was the first time we ever tasted gulaman.  We thought every color has different taste, but it is not when we tasted all the colors of the gulaman.  All has same taste, only varies in colors.  It has red, green, yellow and a mixture of colors.  The sister loves it a lot and keeps on getting more gulaman on the table.  The sister thinks of making gulaman for the family.  But does not have the recipe yet and also does not have the time to do it because she is a bit busy at school.  She seldom cooks so, the family is looking forward to taste her own version of gulaman.

I thought the sister forgot about her eager to prepare gulaman for the family.  But the other day she showed to me the recipe of the gulaman.  Wow! She is really serious of making a gulaman for the family indeed.  She promised to make a gulaman this summer.  And will make gulaman juice for the family.  So perfect for the summer to drink because of the hot weather.

When the sister made a gulaman for the family, I will surely share it here for you to see the sister’s talent in cooking.


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3 Responses to “Loves to eat gulaman”

  1. LOL! they all just the same taste..just the color.. hehehe

  2. I miss eating gulaman :-) this is a sweet treat to have, glad you and your sister had a blast on the birthday party :-)

  3. Chamz says:

    Looks enticing and tasty! nom nom :)

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