The Vegetables Salad


Yummy isn’t it?  This is one of the dishes that waters my mouth when I have lunch at the restaurant.  Look at that picture, I am sure it waters your mouth too.  Aside from the mouth watering color of this vegetables salad, it is very healthy to eat.  Well, coming from vegetables it is indeed very healthy to eat and less fat.  I have tasted it and it is very delicious, yummy, and the vegetables are crunchy.  I love vegetables that is why I did not let this salad slips away from me. haha!  I picked this dish over the fatty dishes in front of me.  I did eat those too but I am more focus to this vegetables salad. I will try to make my own version one day.

Even if the service crew told me that it is prohibited to take photos of their dishes there, I still took a photo of this vegetables salad to share it here.  Thanks to my digital camera that has 15x zoom feature.  I am able to take a photo even if I am a bit far.  It would be better if I took a closer capture though.  In fairness to my digital camera, the photoI took is fair enough.

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