Preparing Veggies on my Birthday

This month, we have celebrated the first birthday of my nephew, 9th birthday of my niece and 41st birthday of my older brother.  We have eaten so much meat and fatty foods I must say.  That is why I decided to go veggies and fish on my birthday.  I am celebrating my day two days after my older brother.  I have already the viands that I am going to cook on my birthday.   I am going to prepare vegetables spring rolls, chop suey and fried fish fillet.  Some of the ingredients are not ready.  Though my birthday will be a simple celebration with the family only, still I want to make it perfect for the family to enjoy the foods on the table.

I have invited two of my closest neighbour in our village and already told them that I will go veggies on my birthday.  They are fine with it.  Well, there is nothing wrong with veggies because it is very healthy compared to meat and other fatty foods.  I prefer to eat more veggies than meat and fatty ones.  But sometimes I do pamper myself with meat and fatty foods.  I am so excited for my big day and cook the veggies for the family.  I am not going to prepare the fish fillet because I am not good at it. Someone will cook for it for me.  Thanks to her.

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The celebrant with his birthday cake

PhotobucketDecember 25, 2012, was the 2nd birthday of my nephew.  Time flies really fast.  Before the celebration starts, we took some photos of him with his birthday cake.  At his young age, I guess he has idea that it was his day.  He keeps on looking at the birthday cake on the table.  He even touched the icing on the cake and tastes it.  He is a bit excited to smash the cake.  He even wants to carry it on his hands. Haha!  He thinks it is a toy I think.  His mom has to watch him not do come near the table where the cake is.

Anyways, the photo I shared is the birthday boy looking at his birthday cake.  The photo taken after he blows the candle on the cake.  He doesn’t want to go down yet so I took a photo of him carefully watching the cake.  He is curiously checking it.  Isn’t he cute?  The cake is so simple but so yummy.  It was our first time to try the new bakery that was recommended by the sister’s friend.  We did not able to order earlier to the famous bread factory here in the city.  Just like last year, they don’t accept order for they are full.  This is the disadvantages when your birthday falls on Christmas day.  However, in fairness to the bakery, their cake is so yummy.  I might order one on my birthday.

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Going to a birthday celebration

Today is the last day of this month.  I thought this month will just passed by without having a good memory to remember.  But then I was wrong, because I am invited by a friend to come to her little birthday celebration.  I say it is memorable because it is my first time to be on her birthday celebration.  I did not expect that she will invite me because she is a friend of my sister.  We are friends but not that close.  We became friends because of my older sister.  And I am happy that she invited me and considered me one of her friends.

The celebration will be at the city’s eat all you can restaurant.  Yummy!  It waters my mouth thinking of the foods on the table.  What I like in the eat all you can restaurant is that it is affordable plus you can eat all the foods you want to eat on the table.  There are various of viands, sweet dishes, fruits, soap, and unlimited softdrinks.  I am so excited because this birthday celebration would be sumptuous. The last day of the month of September would a blast.  Thanks to Abe for inviting me over.  God bless you more and may all you dreams and wishes come true.

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Special lunch with the family

Today is the 29th birthday of the younger brother.  I am so happy that he decided to celebrate it with us.  We missed his birthday last year because we are not in good terms.  Well, a bit misunderstanding happens last year that made him decide to leave the house.  We understand his decision though.  Besides he is old enough to make his own decision.  Though it is difficult to understand at first but after thinking about it, we realized that the younger brother is no longer a baby nor a kid.He can make his own decisions.  And as a family, our support will always be here.

Anyways, the brother and his gf arrived early this morning.  After dropping their bags, they headed to the market to buy something to cook for his birthday.  It was a sumptuous and memorable lunch with the family.  Also, a wonderful birthday celebration of my brother.  It has been a while since the last time we dine together.  I missed this kind of bonding.  Thank you brother for celebrating with us.  And to Mary for the delicious foods you prepared.  I am so full.  Happy Birthday brother and wish you all the best in life and good health.  God bless always!

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