He got an idea

One topic that we have discussed when the family is having dinner at the restaurant is the business that the brother is trying to put up. Since he finished a graphic artist course, he wants a printing business. So, we are giving him ideas of what kind of services he can offer to his customers and clients. Next to our table is a military person. He gives card to the person he is talking about. Right there the brother got an idea to add military business cards to the services he can offered. Since he does not have any idea of what would be a military business card would look like, he will be searching online to get gather nice layout of a military business cards.

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To light the candle

Dinner with candle light is one of my dreams. Whether if I am going to spend it with family, friends, and special someone. I just want to experience how it feels to have dinner with candle light only. I have seen from the movies that I have watched having dinner with candle only, and I think it is sweet and romantic. I do have plans to try dinner with candle light at home with the family one day and I’m going to use the father’s torch lighter to light the candle. He has kept it since the day his friend gave it to him as a present. He gave it to my father because he thinks the father is still smoking. Since the father stops smoking for five years now, he decided to keep the light that his friend gave to him.

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Dinner at my aunt’s place

The sister’s appointment for today is to go to the hospital and have her OB-ultrasound.  Unfortunately, she did not able to have the ultrasound because the doctor is attending a conference and will be back after three days.  The sister just booked herself for the next appointment.  We are heading back to the school where the sister works when I suggested that since our plan is not a fruitful one, we go to the aunt’s place instead because they are having small feast there.  Since the aunt is inviting us over.  It took more than 10 minutes before the sister said yes.  We then fetch the kids at school to go to the aunt’s place.

We arrived at the aunt’s place at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon.  We did have delicious dinner at the aunt’s place.  There are lots of foods on the table.  The foods on the table are so yummy.  Too bad I did not bring with me my camera.  I did not bring it with me because I thought we we’re just going to the hospital.  But the plan has change because the doctor is not around.  I did not able to take a picture of the foods on the table.  I am sad but really sad because my tummy is so happy. haha!  Thanks to my aunt for inviting us over and for the delicious foods on the table.  Till next time.

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My dinner @ Shakeys

PhotobucketWhen I learned that Shakeys food chain has branch here in the city, I am happy. I have seen advertisements on television and it waters my mouth. I know that some advertisers do exaggerate things, still I want to try what is on their menu. Few days ago, I had a dinner date with my co-bloggers. It is rare occasion that a blogger from other side of the world visits the city and so we arranged to meet up before she will going back to Thailand. We haven’t decided yet where to eat dinner, just arranged the meeting place and time. When I arrived, they messaged me that they are at Shakeys waiting for me and the other bloggers to come.

I ordered the value meal I have shared here.  My yummy dinner at Shakeys I must say.  The dishes that is on my plate are one slice of pizza, one fried drumstick, two sliced of buttered potato, spaghetti, and garlic bread.  This value meal made me so full that night.  Also, I am so full with our talks, sharing of things, and much more.  You know girls are girls.  Our table was so noisy and we love it. haha!  Till next time girls!

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