Wanting to prepare vegetables salad for the family

PhotobucketWatching different kinds of cooking shows is what I love to do.   It is very helpful to me because I learned much from watching the show.  It gives me an idea of different kinds of foods to prepare and included in the household menu.   In the family, I am the queen of the kitchen that is why I want to learn more dishes to prepare for the family.  I have tried some of the dishes by following the recipes that the show is sharing and I am happy to say that the family loves it so far.  I am not sure if I do it right but knowing that the family likes it, it is good enough to tell I do it right.

Among the recipes that I have copied from watching cooking food shows, there one dishes that I so loved to prepare for the family.  This dish is the vegetables salad.  The family loves to eat vegetables a lot; however, the family hasn’t tried vegetables salad.  I am eager to prepare this dish for the family one of these days.  I have snatched a photo from the restaurant that I have visited to share it here the vegetables salad that I wanted to prepare for the family.  I will for sure include this dish in our menu this coming Christmas day.

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